Gardena Spiral Hose Set (10 m, 5 pcs)

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1 x Gardena Spiral Hose Set at 10 m, 5 pcs
  • The Gardena spiral hose set is the handy solution for watering plants on balconies or terrs or in very small gardens, the hose is mounted on the wall after use
  • The hose automatically springs back to minimum dimensions this makes it unnecessary to unwind and unwind the hose
  • The hose length is 10 m, ideal for watering plants on small area with a hose diameter of 9 mm
  • The supplied pistol spray fits well in the hand, the amount of water can be infinitely regulated and the pulse handle can be adjusted if desired
  • The Gardena Spiral Hose Set is the practical and complete system for watering small garden paradises
  • The Gardena Spiral Hose set includes 1 x Broes, 1 x Waterstop, 1 x Hose piece, 1 x Tap piece, 1 x Adapter
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You're reviewing:Gardena Spiral Hose Set (10 m, 5 pcs)
Gardena Spiral Hose Set (10 m, 5 pcs)