Gardena TeleCut Hedge Clipper

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1 x Gardena TeleCut Hedge Clipper
  • The TeleCut hedge clipper by Gardena impresses with a full range of practical properties thanks to the extendable telescopic shaft, now you can extend the telescopic shaft of the TeleCut by 20 centimeters to stretch from 70 to 90 centimetres
  • The extendable shaft saves you from unnecessary stretching or walking up a ladder, despite the extension you still have your full force at your disposal
  • The blades have serrated edges for cutting larger surfs with high precision and efficiency, ensures that leaves and twigs do not slip away during cutting, but are held in the cutting area
  • The blades are non-stick coated, this reduces friction, ensures easy cleaning and protects the shears from rust
  • Features the ErgoTec handles that are very ergonomic and provide a good grip
  • The brilliant springing of this hedge clipper will prevent any resistances disturbing you, protecting your joints as well as your hands and you won't feel fatigued when working for a prolonged period
  • Due to the use of aluminum handles, the TeleCut is lightweight yet durable, this saves power and ensures a long life for the scissors
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Gardena TeleCut Hedge Clipper